How to Post Articles with the Editor

Before you start posting your articles “Document Technology News & Info” please make sure you understand our simple editorial rules and Terms of Service for Authors

Registration: First you want to register as editor. For more information on the simple registration process watch the following 2 minutes video….

Posting articles: Now you can start publishing your articles. This 6 minutes video will show you how to use the editing environment.  Once you have created your and submitted your article for review, our team will approve and publish it soon as possible. Bear in mind that we will not send you any approval communication, but it should not take more than 1-2 weeks.

Be warned that we delete any account, including all its posts, without warning, if the owner doesn’t meet the standards or publishes copies of articles already published on many sites. It is OK to republish Press Releases, as it is natural that those get republished on many sites, but for other posts the content should be unique or at least published here first and only redistributed to not more than 5 sites.

Modifying articles: If you would like to see/modify the status or make modifications to your article, you may do so while it is still pending approval, through the Dashboard or, go directly to the posted articles list. You may also want to have a look at this short video…

Optimizing articles for search engines: If you chose your title, excerpt, category and tags carefully your article will be automatically optimized for search engines. In case you would like to know more about how to optimize your article best watch this video. It will show you can “overwrite” the way the system automatically optimizes your content.

Our team and readers are looking forward to receiving your contribution. If you haven’t done so yet,…

Register Now, it’s Free…

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