Editorial Rules

Any article or comment on the “Document Technology News & Info” site will be reviewed first by our team. If the content does not adhere to the following publishing rules it will not be approved and deleted without further notice!

  1. Pertinent: Your article should fit into one of these categories, and as such be relevant to the theme of this site.
  2. Copyright Laws: Articles which are submitted to “Document Technology News & Info” must be your own work and should not be a duplication of any authors work. In the event that you do submit work on behalf of another writer, permission of said writer must be granted prior to submission.
  3. No sales or promotion: The article must be informative in nature and may only inlcude very little commercial content. Press Releases are permited but should follow the same “spirit”
  4. No Link SPAMMING: A maximum of 3 links per article or comment are allowed :-). Links in comments should help and not lead to affiliate or obvious sales pages. It’s ok to link to your an informative product page.  Link SPAMMER’s accounts and articles will be deleted without notice! 🙁
  5. Ehtical: No pornographic, discriminative, insulting or otherwise unethical content.
  6. Source: Sign the article with your full name and/or original authors name and source.

Please read also the Terms of Services for Authors.

I think this is not too much to be aware of, but just common sense ;-). If you stick to those simple rules we will do our best to publish your contributions ASAP, usually it should not take more than 1-2 weeks :-).

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