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Turning a crisis into opportunity is one of the chief goals of any Chief executive officer (CEO). Luckily, that is easier compared to it might look. An in-depth investigation of the company operations and a prompt and sufficient investment decision in information technologies could possibly be, as per DocPath, the medication that the business needs to boost its competitiveness.

In periods much like this, where a worldwide economic crisis threatens various organizations, most businesses tend to worry about what is arriving and choose to minimize budgets in areas that can be strategic when effectively managed, just like R&D, Marketing or Training. Yet, these sectors may basically be the ones to assist the corporation arise potent from a dilemma and be a step prior to its rivals. It is where the 1st business opportunity lies.

– Control over printing bills

Many businesses are so distracted and absorbed by their stressful day by day functions that they omit to focus on activities that are requiring a lot of resources and are causing unwanted costs. Commonly, one of those unnoticed procedures pertains to printing of any sort of document or communication. If perhaps CEOs may rapidly seek out the real costs of printing documents within their agencies, in terms of paper and toner waste, multiple steps might most probably be taken to resolve the issue.

Fortunately, at present, a wide range of document management solutions facilitate businesses to have good control over the number of documents which are being printed out. Most of these remedies generate reports to provide a global idea of the recent condition relating to hardware and supplies demands, but with the appropriate software for document print control, businesses can save up to around 25% in printing expenditures.

– On-demand printing in business office networks

Being able to produce documents in any sort of conditions and optimization of process execution periods are fundamental conditions for any organization. Yet, undertaking these activities will be rather challenging for establishments with large office networks covering different geographical locations.

On this sort of organizations, confirming that every employee is employing the appropriate version of the specified form, getting a printed format of any form whenever required or enabling people to see the form on-screen, can all seem very hard. Once again, to overcome these problems, the very best solution is to go for a way-out that entails carrying-out an in-depth, on demand printing system.

– Documents in check

Typically, one more significant aspect for any company is being able to securely store all its company documents and retrieve them later whenever necessary. In case they use an inadequate document manager then they undoubtedly run the chance of shedding important documents or of documents falling in to bad hands. This, consequently, could tremendously wear down the company image.

The document management system chosen must give total command over all the documents; however should also let per-user accessibility and edit authorizations, to prevent annoying surprises whenever a document is opened.

– Distribution of documents in a Web location

One amongst the significant reasons why businesses expend lots of finances on print techniques can be seen in our recent society, which yet needs a swap of mindset. In fact, receipts, legal contracts, details about modern services, etc. are especially still shipped to clients in paper format. This would mean that organizations are printing high quantities of docs and spending resources on covering tasks and batch sorting activities, among some other chores.

There isn’t any issue that modern means of information interchange, just like the electronic ID card and/or electronic invoicing, are creating innovative communications channels with buyers. As such, buying a solution that facilitates computer users to demand a document to be at once produced and shown on screen thru any browser might absolutely be another step onward.

In this regard, DocPath proposes businesses to evaluate their particular business processes related to printing and to look at the option of employing an adequate document management system. A, great document software diminishes document-related expenditures and efforts over most organizations might anticipate.

André Klein
Freelance Consultant for DocPath
A step ahead in document software

DocPath’s Document Software Continues Gaining Ground in Latin America

DocPath’s document and output management solutions are improving document processes for an increasing number of organizations and institutions in Latin America.

DocPath’s success in the area resides in its knowledge of the specific market dynamics and its customer-centric approach in every document management project, fostered by its growing parter network that has been further strengthened with the recent incorporation of InfoIntelligent.

Atlanta (GA), February 26, 2015 – After 14 years in the Brazil market, the combined efforts of DocPath and its Latin American Partners have resulted in the DocPath customer base increasing at a steady pace, not only in Brazil, but across all Latin America. The recent implementation of DocPath’s output and document management system at different Latin American delegations of one of the leading insurance companies in the world and the expansion of its parter network —strengthening its presence by incorporating InfoIntelligent into the company’s Partner network— further showcases the acceptance of DocPath in the Latin American market.

Expanding Business

Latin America’s economy is growing. And as businesses continue to expand, the need for more advanced process and workflow systems and services has arisen. As observed by DocPath, document management as well as output management software and scheduled print services seem to be on top of the investment list of many companies.

As a result, DocPath is firmly expanding business across the American continent. With support from its main strategic business partners in the region, such as Ricoh, Quality Work, InfoIntelligent and SGS Team, DocPath has become one of the leaders in a niche where companies are waiting for next-level document management software.

DocPath’s solutions are currently installed at national and international banks —including the major financial institutions of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico–, retailers, manufacturers and important insurance companies. In fact, DocPath has significantly increased the number of document management projects in Latin America from 2012 to 2015 and the coming years look even more promising.

DocPath started its business activities in Latin America more than 15 years ago and I can safely say that it has been a very positive process for all of us. The excellent results and favorable prospects of the Latinamerican market are more than enough reason to continue and expand our presence in the region,” confirms Julio Olivares, DocPath CEO.

Geared Solutions

To address the unique user behavior and purchasing patterns in the different Latin American countries, DocPath has made sure to include a wide range of specific features in its document and output management software. As such, all of DocPath’s Solutions are multi-language and allow clients to dynamically generate their documents in the language required by their final users.

Common business needs with regards to document management in Latin America seem to consist of distributed and controlled generation of documents across a network of branch offices and online services, which includes efficient distribution of high-quality documents. For this reason, DocPath’s most successful solutions in the area are DocPath Remote Office Printing, aimed at banks and insurance companies with a large office network, DocPath Business Suite Pro, a complete document management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, and DocPath WebDocs Generation, for companies that need cover document management and output requirments in Web environments.

The New Land of Opportunity

Over the last decade, many Latin American countries have been experiencing important growth, despite rather timid expansion numbers registered in recent years. In fact, according to studies by World Bank and IMF, the average GDP of Latin America exceeds the world’s average, creating a market that is ready for new technological products and services. For example, for 2015, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) expects regional growth to increase to 2.2%. ECLAC also forecasts Brazil’s economy to be the growth engine of the entire region, which means that the country still more than deserves its “B” in BRICS, an acronym that represents the world’s fastest growing economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

One of the direct effects of the current economic situation is the impressive growth of the Latin American ICT market, and especially of the mobile user base. According to recent reports published by GFK, one of the world’s leading market investigation companies, in 2014, the Latin American smartphone market enjoyed the highest growth worldwide.

The reasons behind Latin America’s positive economic growth and favorable ICT climate are encouraging regulations, supportive governments, multilateral actions and a renewed business confidence that is leading to investments in new technologies. And as organizations are expanding, being able to manage their data and documents effectively and rapidly across all their offices and delegations becomes vital.


About InfoIntelligent

InfoIntelligent was created to meet a growing demand of companies seeking the implementation of new technologies and tools to optimize and add value to their document management processes, based on the information they already possess.

By implementing these intelligent information management processes, companies seek to better retain , attract new, and create bonding with their customers as well as build alliances , and position their products.

For more information, visit: http://www.infointelligent.com

About DocPath

DocPath is a leading document technology software manufacturer. Created in 1992, its solutions are found in companies all over the world. Among its international clients, are prestigious banks and first class corporations, which are aided by DocPath solutions by simplifying the complicated and critical task involving design and the distribution of documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to R&D&i, an area that receives a good amount of its revenue, and in which lies the key to the company’s success.

For more information, visit: http://www.docpath.com

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DocPath refuerza su posición en gestión documental en el mercado asiático

DocPath completa la primera instalación de su software de gestión documental en China adaptando su software a las necesidades específicas de los clientes asiáticos

DocPath, empresa líder en la fabricación de software de gestión documental, continúa inmersa en el marco de expansión internacional. En el año 2013, y siguiendo este objetivo, la empresa tradujo su sitio Web al chino, http://www.docpath.com/zh/, y, recientemente, ha adaptado su software a las necesidades específicas de los clientes para el mercado asiático. Como resultado de estos esfuerzos, DocPath completa con éxito la primera implementación de su software de gestión documental en Hong Kong.

Mejoras para el mercado asiático

La implementación de una gran variedad de mejoras en las soluciones Areca, el conjunto de soluciones de gestión documental de DocPath, basadas en Ipanema Technology, está siendo unos de los principales objetivos de la compañía. Las nuevas soluciones se caracterizan principalmente por sus interfaces visuales, atractivas y fáciles de usar, para facilitar al máximo las tareas relacionadas con el diseño, gestión y generación de documentos para todo tipo de usuarios. Entre los elementos más destacables y específicos para el mercado asiático está la compatibilidad del sistema de gestión documental con los caracteres asiáticos. De este modo, las soluciones DocPath son capaces de mostrar, procesar y generar correctamente documentos de alta calidad en una variedad de lenguajes, como el chino tradicional y simplificado, el japonés y el coreano, lo cual ha sido un punto decisivo en el proyecto desarrollado en Hong Kong.

Otros avances en las soluciones documentales de DocPath están enfocados principalmente a optimizar el funcionamiento de las aplicaciones en cualquier sistema operativo, ya sea Windows, Unix, System i, etc. Asimismo, se han aplicado mejoras importantes en las capacidades de integración del software con ERPs como SAP, JD Edwards, etc. De esta manera, la reciente implementación en China se completó con éxito en sistemas System i y utiliza archivos multi-idioma de Oracle® JD Edwards Enterprise One en sus procesos.

La entrada en el mercado asiático era un paso lógico e indispensable para DocPath, ya que es un área que ofrece grandes posibilidades, tomando en cuenta su vasta extensión y sus altas expectativas de crecimiento. DocPath continuará su esfuerzo en la región mediante acuerdos con nuevos socios comerciales en Asia,” afirma Julio Olivares, Presidente de DocPath.

Una superpotencia tecnológica

Hace años, China irrumpió en los mercados como una nueva potencia tecnológica. Con el transcurso del tiempo, el gigante asiático se ha reposicionado en el ámbito de las TIC y ha pasado de ser la gran fábrica mundial a tener una posición cada vez más dominante en el mercado tecnológico.

Además, con casi mil cuatrocientos millones de habitantes, China es el país más poblado del planeta. En las últimas décadas, se ha convertido en el mayor productor y consumidor de tecnología del mundo. Los expertos coinciden en que este crecimiento en TI desacelerará ligeramente a lo largo de la siguiente década, pero continuará al alza. Concretamente, la consultora IDC predice que el mercado de las TIC crecerá en China alrededor de un 7% este año. Además, las cifras señalan que los ciudadanos chinos gastarán unos 1.050 millones de dólares en tecnología, lo que sitúa a este país como el tercero en consumo, detrás de los Estados Unidos y Japón.

Acerca de DocPath

DocPath es una empresa líder en la fabricación de software de tecnología documental. Fundada en 1992, tiene su sede central en Madrid, cuenta con dos centros de desarrollo y está presente con sus soluciones en compañías de todo el mundo. Entre sus clientes internacionales figuran bancos de reconocido prestigio y corporaciones de primera línea, a los que facilita la difícil y compleja tarea de diseñar, generar y distribuir sus documentos críticos de negocio. DocPath mantiene un fuerte compromiso con el I+D, área a la que destina una buena parte de sus ingresos y en la que radica una de las claves de su éxito.

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DocPath Document Solutions Are Changing Business in Oceania

  • DocPath and TheFormsAgency share a customer centric approach to delivering lasting value in the document solutions they build, a philosophy that has been critical to DocPath´s success in the document management industry.
  • The recent cooperation in the successful conclusion of the project for Thorn Group Limited integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and streamlines Thorn Group’s document management processes

Two years ago, TheFormsAgency was formally certified as a DocPath Partner for the Oceania region. The combined efforts of DocPath and TheFormsAgency, has resulted in the DocPath customer base expanding rapidly. After a large number of document software solution implementation their partnership has been renewed and further strengthened.

Successful Business Networking

The partnership between TheFormsAgency and DocPath highlights, once again, one of the primary benefits of global business networking: the ability to quickly fulfil mission critical demands of local customers. After all, the key to attaining CCM market success, is understanding the customer´s business needs.

DocPath´s document management solutions product range has carved out an important niche for itself in the Oceania market. Thanks to TheFormsAgency´s deep experience, knowledge and delivery capability, local companies have access to world class CCM solutions. DocPath´s feature rich and cost effective document management solutions have been adopted by banks, insurers, retailers and manufacturers. TheFormsAgency’s success is reflected in a triple digit growth from 2012 to 2014.

The seamless partnership between DocPath and TheFormsAgency ensures that each document management project is developed and completed professionally, efficiently and rapidly, through exhaustive analysis by TheFormsAgency’s expert consultants, on-site technicians and bespoke training.

Recent Implementation

One of the most recent results of DocPath and TheFormsAgency´s partnership is the successful implementation of DocPath document software solutions at Thorn Group Limited. Thorn is one of Australia’s leading providers of retail and financial services to niche consumer and commercial markets.

Some of the main technological requirements of the group consisted of being able to efficiently generate business documents, print these documents at different printers and offices, send them by email, and securely archive them. Moreover, these features needed to be integrated with the company´s Microsoft Dynamics NAV software.

As DocPath´s document software is modular, TheFormsAgency was able to tailor a new platform based on DocPath software, to the specific client needs. DocPath solutions used in the process were:

– DocPath Business Suite Pro: A complete document management solution offering a wide variety of processing, output and distribution options.

– DocPath Aspen: A powerful document manager.

On the other hand, as DocPath offers an integration system to complement Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the group has been able to greatly expand its print and archival functionalities.

As a result, the group is now able to print all its business documents at any of its delegations and manages its internal documentation using the features and capabilities provided by DocPath’s document managementsolutions.

Satisfied Customers

As DocPath´s document management software is modular, TheFormsAgency is able to customise solutions to the specific needs of Australian clients. The result is that customers such as Thorn Group Limited and Pepper, one of Australia’s leading non-bank lenders, now have automated document processes that have substantially improved customer interactions.

TFA have been a vital partner in our launch of a new ERP and Point of Sale system, ensuring that our customer facing documents are generated accurately and on time. The solution has enabled the business to service our customers more efficiently and we will now look to extend this to other parts of the organisation.” – Thorn Group Ltd

“TFA has been instrumental in helping us to replace our legacy JetForm solution and in the process identify further cost savings with the mail house while providing the Customer Service team with instant access to historical customer correspondence. Cost to maintain our briefcase of forms is now reduced and managing document retrieval has been a surprising benefit for the Customer Service team.” – Pepper Australia Pty Ltd

Specifically, DocPath’s Business Suite Pro, Aspen and Remote Office Printing solutions have been very favourably received by Australian customers and rated as valuable document management tools with impressive capabilities. DocPath Business Suite Proallows companies to design professional documents and use a variety of output and distribution options (such as multiple printers, email and fax). DocPath Aspenis a powerful document manager, andDocPath Remote Office Printing is ideal for organisations with an office network that is spread throughout different geographical areas.


TheFormsAgency was founded in 2011 by its current directors, Mike Jones and Kevin Tattrie, and now has a team with more that 60 years of combined experience in CCM, eForm and document generation solutions. TheFormsAgency is an experienced and highly skilled team who enable organisations to realise the savings and process improvements inherent in Customer Communications and document generation solutions.

Website: http://www.theformsagency.com


DocPath is a leading document technology software manufacturer. Founded in 1992, its headquarters is located in Madrid with two other design and development offices. DocPath solutions are found in companies all over the world. Among its international clients are prestigious banks and first-class corporations, which are aided by DocPath solutions by simplifying the complicated and critical tasks involving design and the distribution of documents. DocPath maintains a strong commitment to R&D&i, an area that receives a good amount of its revenue, and in which lies the key to the company´s success.

For more information, visit http://www.docpath.com.

DocPath is a registered trademark of DocPath Corp. All rights reserved. Other trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.