Novedades importantes en el software de sustitución de Control-D de DocPath

Madrid, 30 de marzo de 2017 – DocPath, líder en soluciones innovadoras de software documental, ha anunciado la incorporación de avances importantes en su solución documental DocPath Houston Suite, la alternativa para Control-D.

Migración segura desde software heredado

Control-D de BMC Software es un producto que fue diseñado, hace ya casi dos décadas, para la gestión automatizada de informes generados en entornos distribuidos y mainframe. El año pasado, al detectar que la versión para plataformas Unix de este software heredado ya no recibiría soporte ni mantenimiento, DocPath decidió responder a las necesidades de los usuarios de Control-D con la solución DocPath Houston Suite. Se trata de un producto de Output Management de última generación que va más allá de las posibilidades ofrecidas actualmente por el software Control-D de BMC Software, al combinar la potencia del núcleo de las soluciones actuales de DocPath con una tecnología moderna y escalable. En otras palabras, se elimina el riesgo para la continuidad de procesos de negocio críticos que supone el uso de software heredado, y se evitan los sobre-costes creados por el uso de software basado en servicios profesionales.

Mejoras que garantizan continuidad

Los últimos avances incluidos en la solución de software de sustitución para Control-D desarrollado por DocPath, Houston Suite, tienen como objetivo ofrecerles a los Clientes de DocPath y usuarios de Control-D una alternativa flexible a la vez que potente, que se adapta a la perfección a sus necesidades de negocio actuales y futuras.

Entre las mejoras más destacadas está, por un lado, un aumento importante en los niveles de seguridad en la encriptación de las comunicaciones entre aplicaciones de DocPath Houston Suite. De este modo, ahora incorpora la posibilidad de encriptación AES –un estándar de cifrado avanzado considerado como uno de los algoritmos más seguros y más utilizados hoy en día– y soporte de encriptación 3DES de IBM.

Por otro lado, las funciones de gestión y generación de informes de esta solución de software documental han sido ampliadas de manera considerable. Entre otros avances, los usuarios de DocPath Houston Suite podrán analizar y aplicar funciones avanzadas de auditoría de todas las acciones efectuadas sobre los informes, generar dichos documentos con la auditoría ya efectuada y aplicar la opción de auto-expiración de documentos. Además, para incrementar su facilidad de uso, se ha habilitado la visualización del archivo de datos en tipos de documento generables.

Mediante estas mejoras destacadas y la gran cantidad de avances adicionales, DocPath responde a la creciente demanda del mercado con una solución de software documental completa que proporcione a los usuarios de aplicaciones Control-D de BMC Software una alternativa segura, fácil de integrar y que ofrezca continuidad, gracias a su tecnología innovadora y escalable.

Más opciones de migración de software heredado

Con DocPath Houston Suite, DocPath no solamente ofrece la posibilidad de implementar una solución de  Control-D de BMC Software, sino que, además, facilita una migración rápida, eficaz y segura desde otras herramientas en desuso o que han quedado sin servicios de soporte y mantenimiento. Así, los usuarios de IBM InfoPrint Designer, IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities  y JetForm (actualmente Adobe Central Server) han encontrado, en la tecnología de DocPath la solución perfecta.

DocPath Boulder Suite, para sustitución de InfoPrint Designer, y DocPath Ontario Suite, para JetForm, permiten una migración fluida y constituyen nuevas soluciones de Document Output Management con nuevas interfaces y funcionalidades avanzadas, que simplifican el proceso documental mediante el mantenimiento de sus aplicaciones de negocio existentes.

Acerca de DocPath

DocPath es una empresa líder en la fabricación de software documental empresarial, que ofrece a sus clientes internacionales la tecnología que les permite complementar su ERP e implementar procesos avanzados de Document Output Management, Customer Communications Management y software documental de spooling. Fundada en 1992, tiene su sede central en Madrid, cuenta con dos centros de desarrollo y está presente con sus Soluciones en compañías de todo el mundo. Entre sus clientes figuran bancos de reconocido prestigio y corporaciones de primera línea, a los que facilita la difícil y compleja tarea de diseñar, generar y distribuir sus documentos críticos de negocio. DocPath mantiene un fuerte compromiso con el I+D&i, área a la que destina una buena parte de sus ingresos y en la que radica una de las claves de su éxito.

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Safeguard The Identity

Document verification, along with other precautionary features, is the key to assuring the security of commerce matters & limiting the fraud from forgery and phishing.

The Scope of Your Internet Tracks

We aren’t utterly aware of the great quantity of important data we input in-to the world wide web. We do not know either that it might remain there for numerous years time, at the mercy of any hacker. It does not matter which site we browse; so as to make any transaction, contract a service or just ask for information, we should input vulnerable data that causes it quite simple to identify and discover us. We consider it for granted. The web works just like that.

Due to this reason, we have to have some safeguards to shield our identity at the World-wide-web. It is not that there have never ever been identity crooks just before. Sadly, there have always been unscrupulous people who’ve managed to suitable personal information through deception or several other wrong means (as an example, by stealing mail from mail boxes). The one difference is that at this point they’ve access to much more information compared to before & they just have to search for it in just one place: the Web. This enables them to cheat many more persons & significantly raise the profitability of their-own operations.

The right way to Prevent Identity Stealing

Identity theft consists of any style of fraud that brings about the impairment of vulnerable personal information, e.g. passwords, user names, banking records or bank card numbers. It’s exactly what is called phishing in the online jargon. As a way to prevent it, we may take fairly simple measures: make certain the site we’re seeing possesses a privacy policy in place, use sophisticated pass-words, don’t discuss them with anyone & primarily whenever they are requested thru suspicious e-mails, investigate the URL of the sites we are seeing, take care of our devices, up-date our software & avert utilizing public computer systems as much as feasible.

Yet, all these methods many times emerge for being too little. That is why new companies have appeared those produce remedies aimed at guaranteeing the safety of both our most precious records and the identity. The 1st group involves document software organisations, which ensure the integrity and security of the most significant documents of businesses and their particular staff. Their solutions make it doable to govern and restrict accessibility to documents, monitor them all, authenticate user identity and, normally, boost organizations’ credibility towards shoppers.

The 2nd group is composed of small number of businesses, typically start-ups those have especially focused on safeguarding organisations up against phishing-related fraud. Their-own remedies help capture sensitive information quickly and safely from any identity document by capturing pics. The set-up returns the sensitive information included in the relevant document, enables a formal identification, stops cyber fraud, and speeds-up customer subscription processes. Almost all these factors are extremely important for e-commerce organisations, social media marketing and providers of means of payment. Inside the very same form of business, they also propose automated visitor access subscription & control systems that permit extracting the information from site visitors’ identity card by scanning it, and creating the file automatically upon accessing the company’s premises. This is mainly advantageous for companies or governmental bodies which should comply with strict security procedures as much as staff’ accessibility is concerned because of the nature of their operations.

Document Verification to Ensure Security

Document verification is likewise one of the cornerstones about this business. The remedies in this area make it possible to assess the authenticity of identity documents, something crucial so as to guarantee the security of business transactions & reduce the fraud derived from forgery & phishing.

Yet possibly the primary products (or at least the most appealing) tend to be the recent biometric systems, which help distinguish customers in a 100-percent precise approach through exclusive profiles based on biometric markers. That is to say, they permit validating the identity of identity card’s holder from their-own fingerprint & pinpointing the authenticity or falseness of asserted document. In other words, they support to determine whether it really issued to the holder. Both this line of business together with the last one are primarily addressed for the banking market, tele-communications’ businesses & governments.

These companies also render offerings linked to information and asset security opposite to Internet threats and cyber crimes. They have security operations centers that provide guidance on regulatory compliance within this arena, conduct cyber security evaluation & plans, offer proprietary and third-party tools connected with cyber security & cyber defense, monitor possible threats in an effort to minimize their effect, detect possible threats & take on measures to combat them, & take on any decisions appropriate regarding cyber incident. Likewise, they’ve experts in IT security that spots vulnerabilities in client businesses’ IT systems and, generally, in those assets which are open to the public because of their service to the World-wide-web. From that starting point, they do an audit & apply corrective measures. They in some way perform as ethical hackers.

These services and solutions permit client organizations to gain clients, who feel protected when performing on the net.

Even though it’s factual that much progress is made in terms of data security, acts are enacted in this concern and ISO standards are already established to ensure the security of your personal information, we should not lower our guard. We ought to keep on focusing on investigation, development & innovation to act against hackers & safeguard our identity on a medium, the internet, that might end up being ubiquitous & can take the place (lets hope it is for good) of real world in various factors.

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DocPath – Presidente y fundador
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